LATIN 1998

Program Committee
Organizing Committee
Invited Speakers

Claudio Lucchesi, U. Campinas, Brazil (chair) .
Arnaldo Moura, U. Campinas, Brazil (chair) .

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Program Committee
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Univ. of Chile, Chile.
Valmir Barbosa, UFRJ, Brazil.
Richard Beigel, Yale U., USA.
Christian Choffrut, , France.
Vasek Chvatal, Rutgres Univ., USA.
Volker Diekert, , Germany.
Peter Eades, , Australia.
Herbert Edelsbrunner, Urbana-Champaign, USA.
Juan Garay, CWI/IBM, Netherlands/USA.
Oscar Garrido, Lund/UPB, Sweden/Bolivia.
Eric Goles, Univ. of Chile, Chile.
Jozef Gruska, , Slovakia.
Katia Guimaraes, UFPE, Brazil.
Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, USP, Brazil.
Claudio Lucchesi (Chair), UNICAMP, Brazil.
Arnaldo Moura (Vice-chair), UNICAMP, Brazil.
Gene Myers, , USA.
Bruce Reed, CNRS/Paris VI, France.
Alexander Schrijver, CWI, Netherlands.
Peter Shor, AT&T, USA.
Imre Simon, USP, Brazil.
Janos Simon, Chicago, Brazil/USA.
Jayme Szwarcfiter, UFRJ, Brazil.
Eli Upfal, Weizmann/IBM, Israel/USA.
Jorge Urrutia, , Canada.
Nivio Ziviani, UFMG, Brazil.

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Organizing Committee
Ricardo de O. Anido, Ariadne M.B.R. de Carvalho, Ricardo Dahab, Tomasz Kowaltowski, Cândido F.X. de Mendonça Neto, Jorge Stolfi, Arnaldo Moura (Co-Chair), Cláudio L. Lucchesi (Chair),

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Invited Speakers
Noga Alon, (Tel Aviv Univ.), Spectral Techniques in Graph Algorithms.
Richard Beigel, (Lehigh Univ.), The Geometry of Browsing.
Gilles Brassard, (Univ. of Montréal), Quantum Cryptanalysis of Hash and Claw-Free Functions.
Herbert Edelsbrunner, (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Shape Reconstruction with Delaunay Complex.
Juan A. Garay, (IBM, Yorktown Heights), Batch Verification with Applications to Cryptography and Checking.

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Daniel Panario and Alfredo Viola, Analysis of Rabin's Polynomial Irreducability Test. [Bibtex]

Peter Damaschke, A Chip Search Problem on Binary Numbers. [Bibtex]

Esteban Feuerstein, Uniform Service System with k Servers. [Bibtex]

David Fernández-Baca, Faster Non-linear Parametric Search with Applications to Optimazation and Dynamic Geometry. [Bibtex]

Frédérique Bassino, Marie-Pierre Béal and Dominique Perrin, Super-State Automata and Rational Trees. [Bibtex]

Nicolas Bedon and Olivier Carton, An Eilenberg Theorem for Words on Countable Ordinals. [Bibtex]

Alair Pereira do Lago, Maximal Groups in Free Burnside Semigroups. [Bibtex]

Jean-Eric Pin, Positive Varieties and Infinite Words. [Bibtex]

Marcos Peixoto Veloso and Laurent Fribourg, Unfolding Parametric Automata. [Bibtex]

Alain Finkel and Ph. Schnoebelen, Fundamental Structures in Well-Structured Infinite Transition Systems. [Bibtex]

Herbert Edelsbrunner, Shape Reconstruction with Delaunay Complex. [Bibtex]

Anamaria Gomide and Jorge Stolfi, Bases for Non-homogeneous Polynomial Ck Splines on the Sphere. [Bibtex]

Luerbio Faria, Celina M. Herrera de Figueiredo and Candido Ferreira Xavier de Mendon&;a Neto, The Splitting Number of the 4-Cube. [Bibtex]

James Abello and Emden R. Gansner, Short and Smooth Polygonal Paths. [Bibtex]

Gilles Brassard, Peter Høyer and Alain Tapp, Quantum Cryptanalysis of Hash and Claw-Free Functions. [Bibtex]

Mihir Bellare, Juan A. Garay and Tal Rabin, Batch Verification with Applications to Cryptography and Checking. [Bibtex]

Alejandro Hevia and Marcos Kiwi, Strength of Two Data Encryption Standard Implementations under Timing Attacks. [Bibtex]

Noga Alon, Spectral Techniques in Graph Algorithms. [Bibtex]

Michael Molloy and Bruce Reed, Colouring Graphs whose Chromatic Number Is Almost Their Maximum Degree. [Bibtex]

Orlando Lee and Yoshiko Wakabayashi, Circuit Covers in Series-Parallel Mixed Graphs. [Bibtex]

Elias Dahlhaus, A Linear Time Algorithm to Recognize Clustered Graphs and Its Parallelization. [Bibtex]

Klaus Jansen, A New Characterization for Parity Graphs and a Coloring Problem with Costs. [Bibtex]

Marisa Gutierrez and Joao Meidanis, On the Clique Operator. [Bibtex]

Andrei Z. Broder, Alan M. Frieze and Eli Upfal, Dynamic Packet Routing on Arrays with Bounded Buffers. [Bibtex]

Alan Roberts and Antonios Symvonis, On-Line Matching Routing on Trees. [Bibtex]

Dana Randall and Prasad Tetali, Analyzing Glauber Dynamics by Comparison of Markov Chains. [Bibtex]

Joachim von zur Gathen and Igor Shparlinski, The CREW PRAM Complexity of Modular Inversion. [Bibtex]

Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide and Gabriel Terán Martinez, Communication-Efficient Parallel Multiway and Approximate Minimum Cut Computation. [Bibtex]

Richard Beigel and Egemen Tanin, The Geometry of Browsing. [Bibtex]

Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Gonzalo Navarro, Fast Two-Dimensional Approximate Pattern Matching. [Bibtex]

Gonzalo Navarro, Improved Approximate Pattern Matching on Hypertext. [Bibtex]

Claudio Gutiérrez, Solving Equations in Strings: On Makanin's Algorithm. [Bibtex]

Marie-France Sagot, Spelling Approximate Repeated or Common Motifs Using a Suffix Tree. [Bibtex]

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FAPESP (State of São Paulo Funding Agency)
CNPQ (Brazilian Concil for Scientific and Technological Development)
CAPES Foundation (Brazilian Ministry of Education)
FAEP Foundation (University of Campinas)
Institute of Computing (University of Campinas)

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No. of submissions 53
No. of accepted papers 28
% of accepted papers 52.8%
Total No. of authors 49
Avg. No. of authors per paper 1.75
No. of countries represented 10
No. of papers according to how many authors work in Latin-America
    At least one 11(39.3%)
    All 9(32.1%)

Statistics by Country of Author's Affiliation



Authors with n affiliations contributes 1/n to each affiliation.
** Papers with n authors contribute 1/n to each affiliation.

Statistics by Region of Author's Affiliation


10.0(20.4%)5.7(20.2%)USA & Canada
3.0(6.1%)1.5(5.4%)Australia & Asia
1.0(2.0%)0.3(1.2%)Middle East

Authors with n affiliations contributes 1/n to each affiliation.
** Papers with n authors contribute 1/n to each affiliation.

Australia & Asia

Australia Roberts, Alan; Shparlinski, Igor; Symvonis, Antonios;


Germany Dahlhaus, Elias; Damaschke, Peter; Jansen, Klaus; Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm; Terán Martinez, Gabriel; von zur Gathen, Joachim;
France Béal, Marie-Pierre; Bassino, Frédérique; Bedon, Nicolas; Carton, Olivier; Finkel, Alain; Fribourg, Laurent; Perrin, Dominique; Pin, Jean-Eric; Reed, Bruce; Sagot, Marie-France; Schnoebelen, Ph.;


Uruguay Viola, Alfredo;
Chile Baeza-Yates, Ricardo; Hevia, Alejandro; Kiwi, Marcos; Navarro, Gonzalo;
Brazil Faria, Luerbio; Gomide, Anamaria; Herrera de Figueiredo, Celina M.; Lee, Orlando; Meidanis, Joao; Peixoto Veloso, Marcos; Pereira do Lago, Alair; Stolfi, Jorge; Wakabayashi, Yoshiko; Xavier de Mendonça Neto, Candido Ferreira;
Argentina Feuerstein, Esteban; Gutierrez, Marisa;

Middle East

Israel Upfal, Eli;

USA & Canada

Canada Molloy, Michael; Panario, Daniel;
USA Abello, James; Broder, Andrei Z.; Fernández-Baca, David; Frieze, Alan M.; Gansner, Emden R.; Gutiérrez, Claudio; Randall, Dana; Tetali, Prasad;

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