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Ricardo Baeza-Yates, U. Chile, Chile (co-chair)
Eric Goles, U. Chile, Chile (co-chair)

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  Program Committee

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Co-chair), Univ. of Chile
Leopoldo Bertossi, Catholic Univ., Chile
Svante Carlsson, Lulea, Sweden
Walter Cunto, IBM, Venezuela
Josep Diaz, Barcelona, Spain
Volker Diekert, Stuttgart, Germany
Vladimir Estivill-Castro, LANIA, Mexico
Joachim von zur Gathen, Toronto, Canada
Eric Goles (Co-chair), Univ. of Chile, Chile
Gastón Gonnet, ETH, Switzerland
Jozef Gruska, Bratislava, Slovakia
Jan van Leeuwen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Tom Leighton, MIT, USA
Andrzej Lingas, Lund, Sweden
Laszlo Lovasz, Yale, USA
Arnaldo Moura, IBM, Brazil
J.Ian Munro, Waterloo, Canada
Gene Myers, Arizona, USA
Maurice Nivat, Paris, France
Andrew Odlyzko, Bell Labs, USA
René Peralta, Wisconsin, USA
Dominique Perrin, Paris, France
Patricio Poblete, Univ. of Chile
Gregory Rawlins, Indiana, USA
Antonio Restivo, Palermo, Italy
Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden, Netherlands
Isaac Scherson, Irvine, USA
Imre Simon, São Paulo, Brazil
Godfried Toussaint, McGill, Canada
Nivio Ziviani, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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  Organizing Committee

Ricardo Baeza-Yates (co-chair), Univ. de Chile, Chile
Leopoldo Bertossi, P. Univ. Católica, Chile
Horst von Brand, Univ. Tec. Federico Santa María, Chile
Alvaro Campos, P. Univ. Católica de Chile, Chile
Eric Goles (co-chair), Univ. de Chile, Chile
Rául Monge, Univ. Tec. Federico Santa María, Chile
Patricio Poblete, Univ. de Chile, Chile
Imre Simon, Univ. de São Paulo, Brazil
Marcello Visconti, Univ. Tec. Federico Santa María, Chile

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  Invited Speakers

Josep Diaz NC Approximations
Isaac Scherson Load Balancing in Distributed Systems
J.Ian Munro Fast, Space Efficient Data Structures
Alberto Apostolico The String Statistics Problem
Mike Waterman Probability Distributions for Sequence Alignment Scores

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James Abello and K. Kumar, Visibility Graphs of 2-Spiral Polygons. [Bibtex]

L. Alonso and R. Schott, Random Generation of Colored Trees. [Bibtex]

T. Asano, Desh Ranjan, T. Roos, E. Welzl and P. Widmayer, Space Filling Curves and Their Use in the Design of Geometric Data Structures. [Bibtex]

R. Balasubramanian, V. Raman and G. Srinivasaraghavan, Tight Bounds for Finding Degrees from the Adjacency Matrix. [Bibtex]

David A. M. Barrington and Howard Straubing, Lower Bounds for Modular Counting by Circuits with Modular Gates. [Bibtex]

B. Becker, R. Drechsler and R. Werchner, On the Relation Between BDDs and FDDs. [Bibtex]

F. Blanchard and A. Maass, On Dynamical Properties of Generalized Toggle Automata. [Bibtex]

Stephen L. Bloom and Zoltán Ésik, Free Shuffle Algebras in Language Varieties. [Bibtex]

P. G. Bradford, V. Choppella and G. J. E. Rawlins, Lower Bounds for the Matrix Chain Ordering Problem. [Bibtex]

S. Brands, Off-Line Electronic Cash Based on Secret-Key Certificates. [Bibtex]

Véronique Brùyere and G. Hansel, Recognizable Sets of Numbers in Nonstandard Bases. [Bibtex]

G. Buntrock and G. Niemann, On Weak Growing Context-Sensitive Grammars. [Bibtex]

B. R. Callejas Bedregal and B. M. Acioly, Logic of {P}lotkin Continuous Domain. [Bibtex]

S. Chaudhuri and D. Dubhashi, (Probabilistic) Recurrence Relations Revisited. [Bibtex]

Maxime Crochemore and Wojciech Rytter, On Linear-Time Alphabet-Independent 2-Dimensional Pattern Matching. [Bibtex]

J. O. Durand-Lose, Reversible Cellular Automaton Able to Simulate Any Other Reversible One Using Partitioning Automata. [Bibtex]

P. Eades and S. Whitesides, Nearest Neighbor Graph Realizability is NP-hard. [Bibtex]

David Fernandez-Baca and G. Slutzki, Linear-Time Algorithms for Parametric Minimum Spanning Tree Problems on Planar Graphs. [Bibtex]

Esteban Feuerstein, Paging More Than one Page. [Bibtex]

Celina M. H. de Figueiredo, J. Meidanis and C. P. de Mello, On Edge-Colouring Indifference Graphs. [Bibtex]

G. Galbiati, A. Morzenti and F. Maffioli, On the Approximability of Some Maximum Spanning Tree Problems. [Bibtex]

S. Gao, Joachim von zur Gathen and Daniel Panario, Gauss Periods and Fast Exponentiation in Finite Fields. [Bibtex]

Williams I. Gasarch and Katia S. Guimarães, Unbounded Search and Recursive Graph Problems. [Bibtex]

L. Gonzalez-Vega, On the Complexity of Computing the Greatest Common Divisor of Several Univariate Polynomials. [Bibtex]

J. Gruska, A. Monti, M. Napoli and D. Parente, State Complexity of SBTA Languages. [Bibtex]

C. Herzog, Pushdown Automata with Bounded Nondeterminism and Bounded Ambiguity. [Bibtex]

I. I. Macarie, Multihead Two-Way Probabilistic Finite Automata. [Bibtex]

M. Margenstern, Non-Erasing Turing Machines: A New Frontier Between a Decidable Halting Problem and Universality. [Bibtex]

Martín Matamala and Eric Goles, Cyclic Automata Networks on Finite Graphs. [Bibtex]

Joao Meidanis and J. C. Setubal, Multiple Alignment of Biological Sequences with Gap Flexibility. [Bibtex]

C. Meinel and S. Waack, Lower Bounds for the Modular Communication Complexity of Various Graph Accessibility Problems. [Bibtex]

M. Mundhenk, On Monotonous Oracle Machines. [Bibtex]

B. J. Oommen and E. V. de St. Croix, On Using Learning Automata for Fast Graph Partitioning. [Bibtex]

Helmut Prodinger, Solution of a Problem of Yekutieli and Mandelbrot. [Bibtex]

G. Richard and F. Saubion, A Rewrite Approach for Constraint Logic Programming. [Bibtex]

Z. Roka, Simulations Between Cellular Automata on Cayley Graphs. [Bibtex]

F. Wang, A Temporal Logic for Real-Time Partial-Ordering with Named Transactions. [Bibtex]

P. M. Yamakawa, H. Ebara and H. Nakano, A New Approach for Routing in Arrangement Graphs and Its Performance Evaluation. [Bibtex]

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AFP Provida
Fundación ANDES
Red Iberoamericana de tecnología de software (RITOS-CYTED)
UNESCO regional office for science and technology

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The conference was held at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), which is located in Valparaíso beside the sea on the boundary with Viña del Mar.

Valparaíso is located 110 kms. west of Santiago, the capital city of Chile. Close to Valparaíso is Viña del Mar, one of the main beach resorts of Chile. Together, they have more than a million inhabitants, being the third largest urban area in the country.

Valparaíso is a picturesque city with houses and cable cars climbing the hills that surround the bay. Valparaíso hosts the National Congress and is one of the two busiest ports in Chile. On the other hand, Viña del Mar, ``the Garden City'', is one of the main turistic attractions in Chile with nice beaches, green areas, a casino, hotels and many restaurants.

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No. of submissions 68
No. of accepted papers 38
% of accepted papers 55.9%
Total No. of authors 77
Avg. No. of authors per paper 2.03
No. of countries represented 20
No. of papers according to how many authors work in Latin-America
    At least one 7(18.4%)
    All 5(13.2%)

Statistics by Country of Author's Affiliation



Authors with n affiliations contributes 1/n to each affiliation.
** Papers with n authors contribute 1/n to each affiliation.

Statistics by Region of Author's Affiliation


18.0(23.4%)8.37(22.0%)USA & Canada
9.0(11.7%)3.70(9.7%)Australia & Asia

Authors with n affiliations contributes 1/n to each affiliation.
** Papers with n authors contribute 1/n to each affiliation.

Australia & Asia

Japan Asano, T.; Ebara, H.; Nakano, H.; Yamakawa, P. M.;
Taiwan Wang, F.;
India Balasubramanian, R.; Raman, V.; Srinivasaraghavan, G.;
Australia Eades, P.;


Netherlands Brands, S.;
Spain Gonzalez-Vega, L.;
Belgium Brùyere, Véronique;
Denmark Dubhashi, D.;
Austria Prodinger, Helmut;
Poland Rytter, Wojciech;
Germany Becker, B.; Bradford, P. G.; Buntrock, G.; Chaudhuri, S.; Drechsler, R.; Herzog, C.; Meinel, C.; Mundhenk, M.; Niemann, G.; Waack, S.; Werchner, R.; Widmayer, P.;
Slovakia Gruska, J.;
Hungary Ésik, Zoltán;
Italy Feuerstein, Esteban; Galbiati, G.; Maffioli, F.; Monti, A.; Morzenti, A.; Napoli, M.; Parente, D.;
Switzerland Roos, T.; Welzl, E.;
France Alonso, L.; Blanchard, F.; Crochemore, Maxime; Hansel, G.; Maass, A.; Margenstern, M.; Richard, G.; Roka, Z.; Saubion, F.; Schott, R.;


Chile Durand-Lose, J. O.; Goles, Eric; Maass, A.; Matamala, Martín;
Brazil Acioly, B. M.; Callejas Bedregal, B. R.; de Figueiredo, Celina M. H.; de Mello, C. P.; Guimarães, Katia S.; Meidanis, J.; Meidanis, Joao; Setubal, J. C.;

Middle East

USA & Canada

USA Abello, James; Barrington, David A. M.; Bloom, Stephen L.; Choppella, V.; Fernandez-Baca, David; Gasarch, Williams I.; Kumar, K.; Macarie, I. I.; Ranjan, Desh; Rawlins, G. J. E.; Slutzki, G.; Straubing, Howard;
Canada de St. Croix, E. V.; Gao, S.; Oommen, B. J.; Panario, Daniel; von zur Gathen, Joachim; Whitesides, S.;

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