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Imre Simon, U. São Paulo, Brazil

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  Program Committee

Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Santiago, Chile
Walter Cunto, Caracas, Venezuela
Joachim von zur Gathen, Toronto, Canada
Eric Goles, Santiago, Chile
Martin Grötschel, Augsburg, Germany
Jozef Gruska, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, and Hamburg, Germany
Juhani Karhumäki, Turku, Finland
Cláudio L. Lucchesi, Campinas, Brazil
Dominique Perrin, Paris, France
Joel Seiferas, Rochester, USA
Jeff Shallit, Waterloo, Canada
Imre Simon, São Paulo, Brazil
Janos Simon, Chicago, USA
Siang Wun Song, São Paulo, Brazil
Jayme Szwarcfiter, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
William T. Trotter, Tempe, USA

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  Organizing Committee

Paulo Feofiloff, São Paulo, Brazil

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  Invited Speakers

Jean-Paul Allouche (CNRS), \(q\)-Regular Sequences and other Generalizations of \(q\)-Automatic Sequences
Manuel Blum (U. California, Berkeley), Universal Statistical Tests
Kosaburo Hashiguchi (Toyohashi U. of Technology), The Double Reconstruction Conjectures about Colored Hypergraphs and Colored Directed Graphs
Erich Kaltofen (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Polynomial Factorization 1987-1991
Arjen K. Lenstra (Bellcore), Massively Parallel Computing and Factoring
Gene Myers (U. of Arizona), Approxiamte Matching of Network Expressions with Spacers
Jean-Eric Pin (Bull), On Reversible Automata
Vaughan Pratt (Standford U.), Arithmetic + Logic + Geometry = Concurrency
Daniel D. Sleator (Carnegie Mellon U.), Data Structures and Terminating Petri Nets
Michel Cosnard (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon), Complexity Issues in Neural Network Computations

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Paola Alimonti, Esteban Feuerstein and Umberto Nanni, Linear Time Algorithms for Liveness and Boundedness in Conflict-free Petri Nets. [Bibtex]

Jean-Paul Allouche, \(q\)-Regular Sequences and Other Generalizations of \(q\)-Automatic Sequences. [Bibtex]

David A. M. Barrington and Howard Straubing, Complex Polynomials and Circuit Lower Bounds for Modular Counting. [Bibtex]

Danièle Beauquier, Michel Latteux and Karine Slowinski, A Decidability Result about Convex Polyominoes. [Bibtex]

Marshall W. Bern, Herbert Edelsbrunner, David Eppstein, S. Mitchell and Tio Seng Tan, Edge Insertion for Optional Triangulations. [Bibtex]

Saïd Bettayeb, Bin Cong, Mike Girou and Ivan Hal Sudborough, Simulation Permutation Networks on Hypercubes. [Bibtex]

Manuel Blum, Universal Statistical Tests. [Bibtex]

Francis Bossut and Bruno Warnin, Automata and Pattern Matching in Planar Directed Acyclic Graphs. [Bibtex]

Anne Brüggemann-Klein, Regular Expressions into Finite Automata. [Bibtex]

Véronique Bruyère, Automata and Codes with Bounded Deciphering Delay. [Bibtex]

Svante Carlsson and Jingsen Chen, Parallel Complexity of Heaps and Min-Max Heaps. [Bibtex]

Felipe Cucker and Francesc Rosselló, On the Complexity of Some Problems for the Blum, Shub & Smale Model. [Bibtex]

Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Vangelis Th. Paschos and Rachid Saad, Average Case Analysis of a Greedy Algorithm for the Minimum Hitting Set Problem. [Bibtex]

Afonso Ferreira and Siang W. Song, Achieving Optimality for Gate Matrix Layout and PLA Folding: a Graph Theoretic Approach. [Bibtex]

Christiane Frougny, How to Write Integers in Non-Integer Base. [Bibtex]

Oscar Garrido, Stefan Jarominek, Andrzej Lingas and Wojciech Rytter, A Simple Randomized Parallel Algorithm for Maximal f-Matching. [Bibtex]

William I. Gasarch and Katia S. Guimarães, On the Number Components of a Recursive Graph. [Bibtex]

Mark Giesbrecht, Factoring in Skew-Polynomial Rings. [Bibtex]

Joseph Gil and Yossi Matias, Leaders Election Without Conflict Resolution Rule - Fast and Efficient Randomized Simulations among CRCW PRAMs. [Bibtex]

Eric Goles and Marcos Kiwi, Dynamics of Sand-Piles Games on Graphs. [Bibtex]

Jaime Gutierrez and Tomás Recio, Rational Function Decomposition and Gröbner Bases in the Parameterization of Plane Curves (An extended abstract). [Bibtex]

Kosaburo Hashiguchi, The Double Reconstruction Conjectures about Colored Hypergraphs and Colored Directed Graphs. [Bibtex]

Ulrich Hertrampf, Locally Definable Acceptance Types - The Three-Valued Case. [Bibtex]

Joachim Hollman, On the Computation of the Hilbert Series. [Bibtex]

Esther Jennings and Lenka Motyckova, A Distributed Algorithm for finding All Maximal Cliques in a Network Graph. [Bibtex]

Erich Kaltofen, Polynomial Factorization 1987--1991. [Bibtex]

Nami Kobayashi, Properties of Recognizable \(\mathcal{M}\)-Subsets of a Free Monoid. [Bibtex]

Alair Pereira do Lago, On the Burnside Semigroups \(x^n = x^{n+m}\). [Bibtex]

Arjen K. Lenstra, Massively Parallel Computing and Factoring. [Bibtex]

Aldo de Luca and Stefano Varricchio, Some Regularity Conditions Based on Well Quasi-Orders. [Bibtex]

Gene Myers, Approximate Matching of Network Expressions with Spacers. [Bibtex]

Rolf Niedermeier and Peter Rossmanith, Unambiguous Simulations of Auxiliary Pushdown Automata and Circuits (Extended Abstract). [Bibtex]

Jean-Eric Pin, On Reversible Automata. [Bibtex]

Oscar Porto, Even Induced Cycles in Planar Graphs. [Bibtex]

Vaughan R. Pratt, Arithmetic + Logic + Geometry = Concurrency. [Bibtex]

José D. P. Rolim, On the Density and Core of the Complexity Classes. [Bibtex]

Jacques Sakarovitch, The "Last" Decision Problem for Rational Trace Languages. [Bibtex]

Alistair Sinclair, Improved Bounds for Mixing Rates of Marked Chains and Multicommodity Flow. [Bibtex]

Daniel Dominic Sleator, Data Structures and Terminating Petri Nets. [Bibtex]

Denis Thérien, Circuits Constructed with MOD\(_q\) Gates Cannot Compute AND in Sublinear Size. [Bibtex]

Andreas Weber, Decomposing a \(k\)-valued Transducer into k Unambiguous Ones. [Bibtex]

Xiao Zhou, Shin-Ichi Nakano, Hitoshi Suzuki and Takao Nishizeki, An Efficient Algorithm for Edge-Coloring Series-Parallel Multigraphs. [Bibtex]

Michel Cosnard, Pascal Koiran and Hélène Paugam-Moisy, Complexity Issues in Neural Network Computations. [Bibtex]

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Instituto de Matemática e Estatística de Universidade de São Paulo
Sun Microsystems

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LATIN 1992 took place in São Paulo, Brazil, at the campus of the University of São Paulo.

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No. of submissions 66
No. of accepted papers 33
% of accepted papers 50.0%
Total No. of authors 64
Avg. No. of authors per paper 1.94
No. of countries represented 16
No. of papers according to how many authors work in Latin-America
    At least one 6(18.2%)
    All 5(15.2%)

Statistics by Country of Author's Affiliation



Authors with n affiliations contributes 1/n to each affiliation.
** Papers with n authors contribute 1/n to each affiliation.

Statistics by Region of Author's Affiliation


15.0(23.4%)6.00(18.2%)USA & Canada
4.0(6.2%)1.00(3.0%)Australia & Asia
1.0(1.6%)0.50(1.5%)Middle East

Authors with n affiliations contributes 1/n to each affiliation.
** Papers with n authors contribute 1/n to each affiliation.

Australia & Asia

Japan Nakano, Shin-Ichi; Nishizeki, Takao; Suzuki, Hitoshi; Zhou, Xiao;


Germany Brüggemann-Klein, Anne; Hertrampf, Ulrich; Niedermeier, Rolf; Rossmanith, Peter; Weber, Andreas;
France Beauquier, Danièle; Bossut, Francis; Fernandez de la Vega, Wenceslas; Frougny, Christiane; Latteux, Michel; Paschos, Vangelis Th.; Saad, Rachid; Sakarovitch, Jacques; Slowinski, Karine; Warnin, Bruno;
UK Sinclair, Alistair;
Switzerland Rolim, José D. P.;
Italy Alimonti, Paola; de Luca, Aldo; Feuerstein, Esteban; Nanni, Umberto; Varricchio, Stefano;
Spain Cucker, Felipe; Gutierrez, Jaime; Recio, Tomás; Rosselló, Francesc;
Sweden Carlsson, Svante; Chen, Jingsen; Garrido, Oscar; Hollman, Joachim; Jennings, Esther; Lingas, Andrzej;
Poland Jarominek, Stefan; Rytter, Wojciech;
Belgium Bruyère, Véronique;
Czeckoslovakia Motyckova, Lenka;


Chile Goles, Eric; Kiwi, Marcos;
Brazil Ferreira, Afonso; Guimarães, Katia S.; Kobayashi, Nami; Pereira do Lago, Alair; Porto, Oscar; Song, Siang W.;

Middle East

Israel Matias, Yossi;

USA & Canada

USA Barrington, David A. M.; Bern, Marshall W.; Bettayeb, Saïd; Cong, Bin; Edelsbrunner, Herbert; Eppstein, David; Gasarch, William I.; Girou, Mike; Mitchell, S.; Straubing, Howard; Sudborough, Ivan Hal; Tan, Tio Seng;
Canada Giesbrecht, Mark; Gil, Joseph; Thérien, Denis;

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