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Imre Simon Test-of-Time Paper Award

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The award shall be given on every LATIN conference to the LATIN paper deemed most influential as judged by a Selection Committee. All papers published in LATIN at least ten years prior to the current edition shall be considered. Any given paper can only be awarded this distinction at most once.

The Selection Committee shall be composed of three members, who should be appointed by the Steering Committee at least six months before the LATIN in which the prize will be awarded. The Selection Committee should appoint one of its members to be the chair of the committee.

The Selection Committee shall take into account, among others, the following criteria: general impact on the field, including the influence on existing or new lines of research originating from the work, number of citations, applicability, and impact on other research and the real world. Papers coauthored by Selection Committee members are not eligible for the prize.

The award shall consist of a plaque and, if funds are available, a travel stipend to LATIN for an author of the paper, who will be invited to give a presentation.


  1. The prize will be awarded for the first time in Latin 2012.
  2. For the 2012 prize, papers from 1992 (São Paulo) to 2002 (Cancún) will be eligible.
  3. The Selection Committee for the 2012 award shall revise the bylaws of the prize.

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